I’m Michelle Khouri, a creative powerhouse.






Communications Consulting

The Gist

A Word About Hyper-Creativity

What does it mean to be a “creative powerhouse?” It means it’s hard to neatly summarize my many creative passions. I may earn a living from my decade-long career in communications—a word I use to encompass everything from media relations to internal marketing to publishing—but that’s just a sliver of what I do. I love to paint, sing, sketch, build furniture (from scratch), act and write fiction. All of these passions may seem extraneous, but they have a surprisingly direct influence on my work as a strategist, speaker and writer. Simply put: I’m hyper-creative in a world where clones spring up at the first sign of success.

I’m here to help you be the original, not the clone.

A Common Thread

The Heart of the Story

Practically from our first breath, we are surrounded by tales of heroes, monsters, myths and bygone days. We’re raised on the allure of triumph or lessons of morality or humility of failure brought to life by characters that help to shape us.

We may go on to experience our own lessons learned, heroes met and monsters faced, but we never outgrow our love of stories. I am obsessed with listening to, uncovering and telling the compelling tales that surround us. I relish forming a narrative that draws my audience in and gets their synaptic connections lighting up like an electrical storm in the dead of night.

I’m here to tell the beautiful, unique and compelling story of you.

Work With Me

My Guarantees

Whether you hire me as an engaging speaker, versatile writer or creative strategist, I get the job done professionally and efficiently. Consider this my credo:

  • I don’t miss a deadline. Once I agree to a timeline, it’s my highest priority to submit the deliverable by that date. While rarely needed, I request extensions as far in advance as possible.
  • I won’t keep you waiting. I respect your time and know you respect mine. You can always rely on me to show up to meetings and events on time.
  • I’m a meticulous self-editor. I copy edit my written works at least three times before submitting an assignment. I am known for my squeaky-clean copy.
  • I work quickly and efficiently. My fast-paced agency days juggling 12 clients taught me a good deal about time management. I apply those lessons generously in order to complete work quickly without sacrificing quality.

I’m here to help you reach new stratospheres.