Big-picture thinker and ambassador of creativity

No corners cut.

“Strategy” is way more than a buzzword. When creative, well-developed strategy is applied to market your brand, there’s no stopping its growth. The problem? Most strategists skip two key steps when developing strategic plans for businesses: mining data and brainstorming.

Michelle Khouri believes these are two of the most essential steps in the strategic process. Without data, strategy is baseless—and that means every grueling effort put in is met with little reward, which can be a disheartening experience. Without creativity, strategic endeavors become stale and lost among the white noise that consumers are all too adept at tuning out.

What sets your brand apart? Which tactics help to pull your audience in instead of pushing them away? How do you reach your target market quickly, effectively and without overspending?

Michelle is here to help you answer those questions.

Strategic Areas of Focus

Public Relations

In its 120 years, the PR industry has barely moved the needle of innovation. Michelle Khouri approaches PR with the mindset of a tech-driven growth hacker. No sweeping press releases. No aimless pitches. No needless knick-knacks or events. Instead, you get a targeted and tailored approach to PR born from the powerful partnership that is relationship building and tech automation.


So, you have an amazing story to tell. Now what? Michelle Khouri can help to uncover and develop your brand narrative, and transform it strategically into the kind of story that hooks your audience. Michelle helps her clients own their narratives by developing an exceptional content strategy for everything from websites to press materials to marketing collateral. Visit Michelle’s writing portfolio to see her storytelling skills in action.


If a picture is worth 1,000 words, then brand visuals must be pretty important, right? Right. In today’s hyper-visual world, the way you tell your story can take on nearly any form imaginable. A sea of infinite creative options can be hard to navigate, but not with Michelle Khouri as your first mate. Michelle has art directed photo shoots, edited video and audio projects, done voice-overs, planned large-scale opening events, managed b-roll footage, conducted grassroots campaigns and designed hundreds of pieces of marketing collateral. There’s a reason she calls herself a creative powerhouse. Hire her to help take your creative strategy to new stratospheres.

Employee Engagement

Like most things in life, there is a right way and a wrong way to communicate with your employees. Michelle Khouri has thoroughly studied employee engagement best practices for years. At Florida Power & Light Company, she mined data and insights to develop an employee rewards program for the company’s largest business unit, which led to higher job satisfaction and productivity. Hire Michelle if employee morale could use a boost. With an energizing and positive approach, she’ll help you transform disgruntled employees into loyal brand advocates.

These are just some of the ways Michelle can help grow your brand.

Develop and lead communications strategy

Lead energizing and effective brainstorming sessions

Audit and enhance standing strategies

Transform tech processes through cloud automation

Lead innovation workshops to super-power employee creativity