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The Unlikely Rise of Contemporary Art in Atlanta

This article originally appeared in the 2016/17 Where Atlanta Guestbook. Standing in Atlanta’s architectural High Museum of Art, I find myself enthralled by Judy Pfaff’s “Apples and Oranges” (1986). This monumental piece (nearly 10-feet high by 12-feet wide) leaps toward the viewer with forward-springing metal half-spheres...

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Getting to Know the Real Atlanta

This article originally appeared in Venü Magazine's Fall 2016 issue. The tunnel is dimly lit. You’re standing at one end, still under the sun’s watchful eye, but close enough to see a shadowy figure moving swiftly—first crouching, then fully erect. You walk toward the figure, and...

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The Lowdown on Atlanta’s Hottest New Restaurants

Atlanta’s chefs and restaurateurs continue serving up fresh concepts that elevate the city’s culinary reputation and draw national acclaim. Almost every day, the city welcomes a hot, new eatery or bar slinging good eats and craft cocktails. Suffice it say, it was a Herculean task...

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The Weight-Equals-Health Myth

My commentary for GPB's On Second Thought explores how the American equation of health = weight is misinformed, as inspired by Cheryl Tiegs' ignorant comments about supermodel Ashley Graham, the first size-16 model on a Sports Illustrated cover....

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Tour Atlanta’s Famous Street Art

Massive street art adorns Atlanta’s formerly blank walls, encompassing a range of styles and messages as diverse as the city itself. Use this feature to take a self-guided tour of the city’s most muraled streets....

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10 Signs You’re From Atlanta

If it’s your first time in Atlanta, chances are you’ll be charmed by the city’s Southern hospitality, awesome attractions and vibrant art scene. But if you’re from Atlanta, you know this eccentric city has a whole lot of personality bubbling under the surface. Here are...

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