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Welcome to Michelle’s repertoire of work. Throughout the past two decades, Michelle has written everything from award-winning research papers to long-form poetry to flash fiction. Here, you’ll find Michelle’s editorial work, including features, interviews, travel videos and radio commentary. If you’d like to read work related to a specific area of focus or category, click the appropriate button below.

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  • 10 Signs You’re From Atlanta

    If it’s your first time in Atlanta, chances are you’ll be charmed by the city’s Southern hospitality, awesome attractions and vibrant art scene. But if you’re from Atlanta, you know this eccen

  • 12 Great Places to Take the Kids in Nashville

    Nashville is a rarity among cities of its size–not only does it offer plenty of nightlife and entertainment for adults, but it also serves as a fantastic destination for families.

  • A Guiding Beacon: Touring Atlanta’s Civil Rights Landmarks

    Scattered throughout Atlanta are historical gems that tell the city’s remarkable civil rights story. It was in Atlanta that the world’s most famous civil rights activist was born, and with him, id

  • All About Ankara With Fashion Designer Charlene Dunbar

    This article originally appeared in the February 2017 issue of Where Atlanta. At age 11, Charlene Dunbar and her family fled from Liberia abruptly while the country battled through a civil war. “I r

  • Atlanta History Center Epitomizes Atlanta in Nostalgic “50 Objects”

    This article originally appeared on About Atlanta. If ever there was a physical embodiment of Atlanta’s diverse history and multifaceted personality, Atlanta History Center’s “Atlanta in 50 Obje

  • Atlanta Secrets of the City

    I take you behind the scenes at some of the coolest places to go and things to do in Atlanta that most visitors (and many locals) don’t know about.

  • Atlanta’s Best Undiscovered Restaurants

    Join me as I go behind the scenes with the city’s top food writers to reveal some of Atlanta’s best restaurants, top bars and eclectic dishes.

  • Atlanta’s Sports Renaissance

    This article originally appeared in the April 2017 issue of Where Atlanta. The last time Atlanta had this much of a spotlight on sports was arguably during the 1996 Summer Olympic Games. Imagine the c

  • Atlanta’s Strength in the Face of Fire

    Flip through the pages of Atlanta’s history books, and you might notice a recurring theme of mass destruction caused by one unforgiving enemy: fire. It’s as if Gen. William T. Sherman cast a spell

  • Dad’s Garage Theatre Company Moves Into a Divine New Home

    Dad's Garage Theatre Company is taking you to church. The talented group of improvisational actors just moved into their long-awaited permanent home, none other than the former Atlanta Metropolitan Ch

  • Elvis-Inspired Food in Nashville

    Celebrate the King's 81st birthday with this list of Nashville’s most decadent dishes and over-the-top treats inspired by the Chief himself.

  • Getting to Know the Real Atlanta

    This article originally appeared in Venü Magazine’s Fall 2016 issue. The tunnel is dimly lit. You’re standing at one end, still under the sun’s watchful eye, but close enough to see a shado

  • Golden Keys to the City: A Concierge’s Guide to Nashville

    Few people are better equipped to guide you through Nashville than Hutton Hotel Chief Concierge Laura Cunningham. Cunningham recently became one of only a few concierges in the Southeast to earn the p

  • How Ponce City Market is Building a Future From the Past

    It was the standard—old fell victim to new in Atlanta. Then, one brick behemoth challenged that notion, proving old and new make one heck of a partnership, after all.

  • Hugh Acheson on Kohlrabi, Athens and Eating Endangered Species

    There's something special about Hugh Acheson. Maybe it's his incredible talent in the kitchen. Maybe it's his gift for creating remarkable dining experiences that stand the test of time. Maybe it's th

  • KURIOS: Cirque du Soleil’s World of Possible Impossibles

    Cirque du Soleil’s “KURIOS: Cabinet of Curiosities” dazzles audiences with a wide range of gravity-defying acrobatic and artistic acts—from contortion and human trapeze to rola bola on a swing

  • Live on The Dana Barrett Show on Biz 1190

    Michelle appeared as the first guest on Biz 1190‘s The Dana Barrett Show to talk about striking out on her own, what good PR looks like and the surprising gap between media and PR pros. Dana and

  • Maker City: Nashville’s Design Renaissance

    Music City is expanding its creative reach beyond chords and licks to stitches and brush strokes. As the city is discovered by burned-out, priced-out and bummed-out artisans, its creative community gr

  • No Genre: Atlanta’s Music History & Best Live Venues

    A coincidence of sorts branded Atlanta as the nation’s hip-hop hub—a well-earned reputation as the city became a wellspring of rap, hip-hop and R&B superstars. But that proliferation of chart-

  • Off the Page: Atlanta’s Literary-Inspired Attractions

    This article originally appeared in the March 2017 issue of Where Atlanta. In the South, storytelling is as much a staple as the sweet fragrance of magnolia trees. Atlanta may be known as the “Holly

  • Saltyard restaurant in Atlanta. Photo by Karen Pagano

    Our Favorite Summer Dishes and Drinks in Atlanta

    This article originally appeared in Where Atlanta‘s 2016 Summer Fun Guide. Atlanta’s summers engage the senses like no other season—think warm breezes, gorgeous blossoms and vibrant landscap

  • Searching for Substitutes: A Celiac’s Guide to Going Gluten-Free

    This piece originally appeared in the Fall/Winter 2017 issue of USA TODAY Best Years. I was diagnosed with celiac disease in April 2012, and the nutritional journey that ensued was nothing short of Od

  • The 24-Hour Guide to Atlanta

    This article originally appeared in the January 2017 issue of Where Atlanta. Atlanta may not be known as the “City That Never Sleeps” (we’re in the sleepy South, after all), but that doesn’t m

  • The Glass House: a Chat With Fashion Designer Abbey Glass

    This article originally appeared in the February 2017 issue of Where Atlanta. Abbey Glass’ road to fashion design began when she was only 10 years old. “I’m very intrigued by machinery and engin

  • The Love Drug (PechaKucha Presentation)

    In “The Love Drug” at PechaKucha Atlanta Vol. 30, Michelle Khouri shares her thoughts and scientific findings on what the emotion of “love” really is. By delving into the chemi

  • The Lowdown on Atlanta’s Hottest New Restaurants

    Atlanta’s chefs and restaurateurs continue serving up fresh concepts that elevate the city’s culinary reputation and draw national acclaim. Almost every day, the city welcomes a hot, new eatery or

  • The Tragedy & Triumph Behind Atlanta’s Woodruff Arts Center

    A plane crash in 1962 nearly left Atlanta without art—until the city rallied together to show that triumph can indeed come from tragedy when charity and community are involved. What resulted was the

  • The Unlikely Rise of Contemporary Art in Atlanta

    This article originally appeared in the 2016/17 Where Atlanta Guestbook. Standing in Atlanta’s architectural High Museum of Art, I find myself enthralled by Judy Pfaff’s “Apples and Oranges” (

  • The Weight-Equals-Health Myth

    My commentary for GPB's On Second Thought explores how the American equation of health = weight is misinformed, as inspired by Cheryl Tiegs' ignorant comments about supermodel Ashley Graham, the first

  • Thoughts on Marriage From a Young Divorcee

    I got divorced at 26. Time and again, I'm asked by family, friends and strangers if I'd ever do it again. The answer may surprise you.

  • Tour Atlanta’s Famous Street Art

    Massive street art adorns Atlanta’s formerly blank walls, encompassing a range of styles and messages as diverse as the city itself. Use this feature to take a self-guided tour of the city’s most